Greetings friends and relatives my name is Zeke,

it rhymes with geek or freak. Some people call me Zeque, Cheque or Ezequiel depending on what language they speak. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work. I'm a cartoonist and illustrator working on the US/MX frontera in El Paso, Tejas. I use comics to remix American history and reclaim stories that were burned by colonialism; resistencia one cartoon at a time. Getty Publications recently published a graphic biography I illustrated titled Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide (2017). I have also published work with, Latino USA, The Believer Magazine, The Nib, Cinco Puntos Press and Plays Inverse. I'm also working on a forthcoming children’s book written by Isabel Quintero to be released with Kokila, a Penguin Books imprint in 2019. I'm currently working on a few comic and book projects including an illustrated history of the US/MX Border. I'm always open to taking commissions and I'd love to hear from you about collaborating on something. Or if you're an art director or publisher I'd love to tell you all the reasons why should hire me for your next project. 


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Statement (The fancy academic edition) 

Zeke Peña 

United States b. 1983 Las Cruces, New Mexico

I'm a cartoonist, an illustrator and a painter working on the US/MX frontera in El Paso, Tejas. My interdisciplinary work explores universal themes of identity, politics, ecology and social justice by remixing contemporary and historical narratives. My process is informed by extensive research, community engagement and historical methodology. I'm self taught in the studio but went to school for Art History + Visual Studies at UT Austin. I use a mezcla of new media and traditional techniques to tell stories that are influenced by cartoons, border culture and indigenous iconography. I use the accessible medium of comics to engage complex issues with satire and comedy. I'm interested in subverting American history and reclaiming stories that were burned by colonialism; resistencia one cartoon at a time.

My illustrations and cartoons have appeared on album and book covers, in editorials and comics, and as graphics for community organizing.  I recently finished Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide (Getty Publishing, 2018), a graphic biography about the Mexican photographer with author Isabel Quintero. My work has been exhibited at Rose Gallery for Pacific Standard Time LA/LA (2017) as well as galleries and museums across the country. I’m a recipient of the Stan Lee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Arts Excellence Endowment (2016), Santa Fe Arts Institute - Arts Residency (2015), MCAD/NEA Artist Incubator Grant (2013, 2015), Siqueiros-Pollock Concurso Binacional Fronterizo de Pintura y Dibujo (2017) and I’m a Working Classroom Artist Resident (2017). My work is included in collections at National Museum of Mexican Art - Chicago, El Paso Museum of Art, National Hispanic Cultural Center- Albuquerque and several Private collections of American and Chicano art.



BA  Art History/Visual Studies - University of Texas at Austin, Ampla Cum Laude  - 2005
Areas of Focus: U.S./MX Border & Southwest Region,  Indigenous Art, Chicana/o Art, Women/Gender Studies, Film Studies



2019  | My Papi Has a Moto - Kokila/Penguin Young Readers  / Isabel Quintero, author; Namrata Tripatha; illustrated children’s book

2018  | Believer Magazine Cover Illustration (June/July 2018)  / Kristen Radtke, editor

2018  | Immigrant Youth Are Changing the Face of Border Activism - (March 2018)  / Marina Garcia Vasquez, editor

2018  | Tales From La Vida: The Latinxgraphix Collection - Ohio State University Press  / Frederick Aldama, editor - Anthology of Latinx Cartoonist

2017  | Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide  Getty Publishing  - Illustrated graphic novel with author Isabel Quintero.

2017  | Jaya And Rasa: A Love Story - Cinco Puntos Press / Sonia Patel, author  - Illustrated book cover + Production graphics.

2017  | Your Healing Is Killing Me - Plays Inverse Press / Vicki Grise, author - Illustrated play cover + Production graphics

2017  | The River That Became a Warzone - The Nib: Daily Comics Publication - Web comic

2016  | This Land Is Your Land - Chicano Batman, Johnnie Walker campaign - Illustrated album cover

2016  | YONKE - Self-Initiated Project - Comic zine about the border

2016  | Disasters of War  - Self-Initiated Project - Comic zine about war crimes on the US/MX border

2015  | Visions From The Inside - Culture/Strike - Illustration

2015  | Rani Patel: In Full Effect - Cinco Puntos Press / Sonia Patel, author - Illustrated book cover + Production graphics

2014  | Gabi, A Girl In Pieces - Cinco Puntos Press/ Isabel Quintero, author - Illustrated book cover + interior Illustrations

2014  | Desert Yeti - Macbeth Footwear -  Mural, shirt graphic + print



2017  |  Photographic  -  Pacific Standard Time LA/LA -  Rose Gallery.  Santa Monica, CA.

2017  |  Siqueros-Pollock Concurso Binacional Fronterizo de Pintura y Dibujo.  Centro Civico, Ciudad Juárez, Chih. MX

2017  |  La Frontera  -  University of Texas El Paso Centennial Museum.  El Paso, TX.

2017  |  Future Now/Futuro Ahora  -  Loisaida Art Center. Harlem, NY.

2017  |  6th Annual Chicana/o Biennial  -  MACLA. San Jose, CA.

2017  |  Amexican@  -  Gravelmouth Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

2017  |  Bravo/Grande  -  Roswell Museum and Art Center. Roswell, NM.

2016  |  Reclaim  -  Rubin Center for Visual Arts. El Paso, TX.

2016  |  Aztlán, the Permanent Collection and Beyond -  Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA.

2016  |  Amexican@  -  Mexic-Arte Museum of Art, Austin, TX.

2016  |  Welcome!  -   CAL State - Fine Arts Gallery -  Los Angeles, CA.

2016  |  House On Mango St.: Artist Interpret Community. - HCC, ABQ., NM curated by  NMMA Chicago, IL.

2016  |  Visions From the Inside  -   Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art -  Peekskill, NY.  

2016  |  LA/SA - Gravelmouth Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

2016  |  Immigration & Citizenship - Idyllwild Arts Exhibition Center, Idyllwild, CA.

2016  |  Desert Triangle Carpeta - El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX.  

2015  |  La Muerte Niña - National Museum of Mexican Art. Chicago, IL.

2015  |  Return of the Souls - Self Help Graphics Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.

2015  |  Agua/Frontera - Juárez Contemporary Gallery. Juárez, Chih., Mexico.

2015  |  Comics With A Conscience - Dominguez Fine Arts Gallery. Chicago, IL.

2015  |  Print Residency - Chicago, IL. Master Printer: Gabe Hoare & Liz Born.

2015  |  Yay Big Southwest Print Exhibit - Rusteberg Gallery. Brownsville, TX.

2015  |  Chelas Y Cheetos - Cinco Puntos Gallery. El Paso, TX.

2014  |  Septiembre Photos - La Fe Cultural Center, El Paso, TX.

2014  |  Rito Y Recuerdo -  National Museum of Mexican Art. Chicago, IL.

2014  |  Una Cita Con La Vida - Self-Help Graphics. Los Angeles, CA.

2013  |  Exposicion - Maintain Creative Coalition, El Paso, TX.

2013  |  Yay Big Southwest - Tucson, AZ & El Paso, TX.

2012  |  Maintain Mobile - Chalk The Block. El Paso, TX.

2012  |  Chucanos - Kalavera Gallery, El Paso, TX.  

2011  |  Free Radicals - Chalk the Block. El Paso, TX.

2011  |  Border to Border - Gallery A.K.A., San Diego, CA.

2011  |  Exquisite Dorks - DFault Gallery, El Paso, TX.

2009  |  Redefining Walls - Union Gallery, Univ. of Texas El Paso.

2009  |  Biennial Ciudad Juárez / El Paso - El Paso Museum of Art & Museo del Arte Juárez

2009  |  Viewfinder - Houston Center of Photography, Houston, TX.

2007  |  High Contrast - Shine Gallery. El Paso, TX.



2018  | Mural Workshop - SAY Sí - San Antonio, TX.

2018  | Printmaking Workshop - Latino Cultural Center - Dallas, TX.

2016  |  Artist Talk & Studio Visits - University of Texas at El Paso. El Paso, TX.

2016  |  Print Workshop & Presentation - University of Texas at Brownsville. Brownsville, TX.

2016  |  Desert Environment on the Border Presentation - Centennial Museum at University of Texas at El Paso. El Paso, TX.

2015  |  Freelance Futures: Professional Practices Workshop - CUADRO Community Space / Stan Lee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Arts. University of Texas at El Paso.

2015  |  Waterbound Presentation - Bowie High School. El Paso, TX.  

2015  |  Artist In Business: Public Art Training - City of El Paso MCAD & Texas Commission on the Arts El Paso, TX.

2015  |  Letters from the Inside - Participating artist in a national  graphics campaign connecting visual artist with migrants in detention centers.  Culture/Strike, San Francisco, CA.

2014  |  Centennial Celebration of the Arts Presentation - Presentation of a participatory project about immigration and water.   Stan Lee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts. El Paso, TX.

2014  |  Visual Narratives: Collaborative Storytelling - Presentation at the Inaugural Wise Latina Conference, El Paso, Tx.

2009  |  Young Curators: Summer Youth Art Program - Rubin Center, UTEP. El Paso, TX.  

2005  |  Abriendo Brecha / Haciendo Camino:  Activist Scholarship on Race, Identity, and Mestizaje -  Scholarly paper presentation Poster Theory: Cultural Identity & Reciprocity in Chicana/o Prinkmaking.    Univ. of Texas at Austin.  

2005  |  Emerging Scholarship in Women & Gender Studies Conference -  Scholarly paper presentation EARTHBODY: The Work of Ana Mendieta  Univ. of Texas at Austin.

2002 - 2005  |  Save Our Youth /Resistencia Bookstore - Event coordinator and host for Red Salmon Arts, Austin, TX.



2017  |  Working Classroom Resident - Albuquerque, NM.

2017  |  Self Help Graphics Print Residency - Los Angeles, CA.

2017  |  Siqueros-Pollock Concurso Binacional Fronterizo de Pintura y Dibujo  - Ciudad Juárez, Chih./El Paso, TX.

2016  |  Stan Lee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts Excellence Endowment - El Paso, TX.

2017  |  Santa Fe Artist Residency - Santa Fe Art Institute. Santa Fe, NM.

2016  |  Artist Incubator Grant - NEA Art Works, The City of El Paso MCAD. & Texas Commission on the Arts

2015  |  Studio Residency - Firestation No. 4, San Antonio, TX.

2014  |  Artist Incubator Grant - City of El Paso Museum and Cultural Affairs Dept. & Texas Commission on the Arts. El Paso, TX.

2014  |  Special Projects Print Residency - Self Help Graphics, Los Angeles, CA. Master Printers José Alpuche, Self-Help Graphics.

2014  |  Print Residency - Modern Multiples, Los Angeles, CA. Master Printers  Richard Duardo & Ivan Alpuche.
2013  |  Studio Internship - Artist Vincent Valdez, Strangest Fruit Series. San Antonio, TX.



2017  |  Hispanic Cultural Center. Albuquerque, NM (pending)

2016  |  National Museum of Mexican Art. Chicago, IL.

2016  |  El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX.

2016  |  Collection of Juan Sandoval. El Paso, TX.

2015  |  Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center;  University of Washington. Seattle, WA.

2014  |  Collection of Gilbert & Dolores Cárdenas. Southbend, MI.   
2014  |  Collection of Dr. Harriet & Ricardo Romo.  San Antonio, TX.

2013  |  Collection of Karl Whitaker. Tucson, AZ.





  photo by   Andrew Joseph

Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of the men and women who can.
— Herbert Marcuse : The Aesthetic Dimension


Spotlight Interview for Rose Gallery

2017Spotlight-RoseGallery copy.jpg
Graciela’s work grabs you, it pulls you in. So when I was working with her images I tried not to change them much, because I don’t think they need anything. I was simply was trying to translate and place them in a graphic narrative.
— Zeke Peña about Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide

About fourteen years ago while traveling on a road trip through Northern Mexico, Zeke Peña brought only one book with him: a small, pocket-sized book of photographs by Graciela Iturbide. A few years ago, the works of Graciela Iturbide entered his life again when he was presented with the opportunity to illustrate Photographic: The Life of Graciela Iturbide, published by Getty Publications. It was not until he was preparing the proposal for the book that he made the connection between the subject of his most recent project and the photographs that accompanied him throughout the landscape of Northern Mexico. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL INTERVIEW

Fusion Magazine October 2014

Fusion Magazine July 2014

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