I am deeply in love with this page. Honestly, I am. Zeke Peña has so much talent his work, quotes, painting are beautiful, and you can see the power they have. The stories he tells are sad but so true. Without water, there is not life, there is nothing. Since I was a little girl, my mother taught me how important water is. Therefore, I understand the concept and really think that what these organizations that put gallows of water in the desert or across the river is so touching and important. My mother is an immigrant. She crossed the Rio gunfire more than 20 years ago when she was pregnant with my brother. With tears in her eyes, she tells us how harsh it was. I see her pain through her eyes of the things she had to do to survive.

“Cuando tu Mexico no es tu lindo y querido. Cuando hacer al otro lado, cambia tu mundo. Cuando una madre sacrifica su vida y la tuya por darte un pasaporte azul” - Sandra Iturbe. I love this quote. What she said is powerful and true. My mother did that for my brother and I. She sacrificed. She recalls her thirst and picturing death was near to her. Water is our fountain of survival. Water gives us energy, Water gives us life. - Mayra Gomez

This page is just not for drawing, for painting, he is expressing himself. He is trying to send a message. How he sees things are happening. One of the examples us about immigrants, how they want to be kind of free, coming here for a better life and sometimes the border patrol kills them or they is trying to cross over here. Another thing he does is represent Hispanic culture, about how Hispanic pregnant women come to El Paso and give birth so that their kids have a better life. He is representing almost all this with gallons of water, expressing what he thinks by writing on it, an expression. He is not just talking about taking care of the water. He is talking about a culture, how beautiful and difficult it could be sometimes. Another thing, too, is in one of his paintings, he is talking or trying to give an expression about that with the water. He is trying to clean the death or bad things that happened before. -Ashley Duran

Zeke Peña’s art is one of the most inspiring pieces of art I’ve ever seen. He uses objects and scenarios so well to represent the things people from the border and even here in El Paso go through. Water, being one limited source, since we live in a desert, is world wide and important source, Peña uses this route to symbolize not just the need but the importance of it.  -Ruby Mendez



Water is the fountain of life. I love water because it gives me energy and makes me feel good.
A memory I have about the river is a story my mother always tells us. My mother always recalls the day she had to swim the Rio Grande 27 years ago while being pregnant with my brother. She literally almost gave birth in the water. -Mayra Gomez


I remember childhood memories of going out the the simplest places like rivers or canals to go swimming with friends and family.
We went out to the river and enjoyed some family time and hang out by the cool water and enjoy the nature around us
The river next to our city is like the blood that runs through our veins. It flows and keeps nature growing and fills our hearts with strength. -Lizzle Banegas


As a young girl, I would have to wash dishes with a limited amount of water. Water has always been precious to me. We were fortunate to have a water pump to get water from, but sometimes we would drive to a filling station in Socorro and get water to fill a 5 gallon container.
In my teens, sometimes going to the levee with my friends, hanging out, enjoying a nice summer evening. 
My husband learned how to swim on the Rio Grande. My in-laws would tie a rope around his waist and let him swim. They would be enjoying a Sunday afternoon picnic by the Rio. -Mary G. Hernandez


I haven’t gone to the river but I live in Mexico and I study in El Paso, so I get to see it 5 days a week. The River separates half of my family, so it is very significant to us. -Omar Aguilera


My first memories of going to my family’s village is going and getting water from the mana (well). Early on I learned there wasn’t enough and what little there was, was not to be asked, played with or taken for granted. 
The women and girls from my mother’s village would gather all the dirty clothes, load them up on baskets and on to the horses and donkeys and make our way out to the rio to wash it all on the river rocks, sharing stories, sharing laughs.
At the age of fourteen, my mother, her cousin and friend crossed with spare change and one change of clothes on their backs, they ventured north, al Paso para poder comer y trabajar. -Claudia Ley


The first time I tried swimming, I didn’t realize how beautiful but dangerous water could be. I was immersed in it so much, I almost drowned but it gave me new light in how important water could be. My fondest memory is in a river in Mexico where my family resides, how wonderful it was to be with my familia gathered around, swimming along with the fish, having a wonderful time being together. It is a river that separated our families, though I have hardly ever seen it full, it still provides life for most of our families - Lisa A. Felix