Eureka the Butcher - Cover Art

Posted on by Zeke Peña

Full disclosure: All Eureka the Butcher covers on my homepage are fake! It is real cover art, but for albums that have never been released. So the art just sits, lonely, on a hardrive on my studio desk. But...This morning we finally completed production on the first solo album to actually be pressed! The cover art is a digital illustration using a pencil drawing on panel.  I wanted to paint the cover but the turn around was ridiculous. So I had to use technology, but it's still pseudo "hand-crafted". This album is amazing. Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Eureka the Butcher aka Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez. Your ears and booties are gonna pop. I'll be posting some process shots and images of the cover once the album is released. Sign-up for the newsletter to stay tuned. The album will be put out on Rodriguez Lopez Productions / Sargent House and distributed digitally by Alpha Pup. It's been a long time coming and I'm stoked.  I also shot a quick and dirty video promo for the Eureka the Butcher + Sadah Luna Mini Tour. 

More Info: Eureka The Butcher

Promo Video: Sargent House YouTube